Snowed in with the Scot

Scottish sculptor Broc Muir is right where he wants to be on Christmas Eve, alone in a remote Highlands castle with his current project. There are no decorations, no holiday music, and while a blizzard is bearing down on him and his only clean outfit is his kilt, he can grumble all he wants since nobody’s around to hear him.

Dawson Clark is back on Earth after more than a year in the close confines of the International Space Station. He loves Christmas but wants to spend it away from the demands of a hectic family, so accepts an offer to stay in a Scottish castle. With a van full of decorations, he pulls up to an ancient edifice just as a storm starts, only to find the castle already has a very handsome occupant.

The two men are stranded together. Can the magic of Christmas help two very different people find in each other what they need the most?


Moving from the nonstop rush of the big city to the peaceful, minuscule tourist town of Ruidoso, New Mexico, should be easy, right? But when physician’s assistant Dante Mazza's car breaks down, leaving him stranded in the literal middle of nowhere, he finds himself in need of rescue. What he gets is more than a hundred pounds of enormous Italian mastiff, as well as the dog’s handsome owner.

Cameron Myers, forest service ranger and part of the Demon Dogs search and rescue group, is always prepared and ready to help. Together with his dog Hatch, he watches over Lincoln National Forest near Ruidoso. When he stops to help a man waylaid on the side of the road, he discovers something he isn’t prepared for.

He and Dante go together like spicy green chile on a cheeseburger; the heat between them might be enough to start a wildfire. Dante might be out of his depth in the woods, but he might just be what Cam needs in his life.

Learning Curves


Widower Gavin Bell thought he was ready for his daughter's first day of kindergarten. After all, he survived moving halfway around the world from Scotland to California to raise her, but he's not prepared for his daughter's gorgeous new teacher. She's smart, pretty, and caring, but can he risk losing everything again?


Amber Evans loves the mountains, pines, and her job at the elementary school of a small northern Californian town. As an unexpected bonus, the dad of one of her students is a bearded, charming, hottie. Her idea of fun is usually watching documentaries in her pajamas, but Gavin is undeniably tempting, especially when she runs into him at a local dive bar and he's wearing a kilt. Still, he's the parent of a student, which makes him off-limits - at least as long as she's teaching his daughter.

Can dozens of last-minute cupcakes help two wary hearts find their way to each other?


Ian Fitzwilliam wasn’t supposed to end up an English Lord, but after the title falls in his lap he works hard to secure himself in proper society, and takes a step into improper places as well, following a desire he hardly understands.

Jane Stanton is not only an actress at the Cupid’s Bow theater, she also entertains customers in a London pleasure house. When an adorable Scotsman ends up on his knees before her, she finds new joy in her work.

Lust turns to love and Ian is caught between his duty to wed and his feelings for Jane. In the end, can there be a happy ending for two people who stand so far apart in society’s eyes?


Time does not heal all wounds, or does it?

Anne Black enjoys being in control of her life. She trains MMA fighters by day and works as a dominatrix by night. A single encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger turns her world upside down. Suddenly, memories of another life haunt her. Top hats, carriages, and ballgowns? Love? It can’t be real!

William Ollerton imagined a quiet life in a vicarage with his young wife, until she is brutally murdered. Grief-stricken, he accepts the gift of immortality with the hope he will see his lost love reborn. Centuries pass, but one night changes his world and eternity doesn’t seem impossible after all.

When the past clashes with the present, the hunt is on and everything he’s waited for is put at risk. Will Anne and William have their second chance? Or will history repeat itself?


Content notice: on-page violence, strong BDSM elements, and explicit adult situations.

The Reincarnation Series is a multiauthor series featuring vampires, reincarnation, and second chances at love. Each has a happily ever after. For all vampire romance lovers!

Black Lotus, Book 1 – Author Kristal Dawn Harris
Vintage, Book 2 - Author Laura M. Baird
Switch, Book 3 - Author Hannah Morse
Blood Tears Book 4 - Author Alyna Lochlan
Renaissance, Book 5 -Author Kristal Dawn Harris
Buccaneer, Book 6-Author Kristal Dawn Harris
Eternity, Book 7 -Author April Hollingworth
Dreamcatcher, Book 8 -Author Marilyn Barr
Syre, Book 9 -Author Kyann Waters