Sea Treats Series


Sea Treats Series - Book 1

Do you want to lick the mystery flavor?


Purple hair and tattoos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Zophia “Zoey” Walinski. While she may be her family’s black sheep, she knows how to make a mouth-watering bowl of Triple-Chocolate. With summer in full swing and her Imperial Beach ice cream shop busy, she’s not focused on anything besides scooping her way to success. Until someone who might be a poet, or maybe a pirate, walks into her shop. Someone who looks good enough to lick.


Neither a poet nor a pirate, reserved English oceanographer Joseph George Ainsworth III is in SoCal only for the summer. Research has filled his life for years, leaving no time for dating. Seeking a place to escape the heat, he walks into a local ice cream parlor, but the woman behind the counter doesn’t help him cool off. Zoey is a lot more fun to study than his textbooks. He might be a virgin, but he’s certain she knows how to make waves.

If only the summer weren’t so short.

A high heat novella full of sunshine, whale song, and love!


Sea Treats Series - Book 2

Rough Seas Ahead


Trading the heat of west Texas for the cold waves of the Drake passage, geologist Candy Brown has made a place for herself on board an Antarctic research vessel. Life isn’t easy for Candy. The chronic disease she struggles with along with a string of bad relationships have left little sunshine in her life. When a helicopter brings new faces to the boat, she doesn’t even bother greeting them, until she literally runs into the man who’ll be sharing her workspace. He’s hot, but is he warm enough to melt the ice around her heart?


California surfer--and respected biology professor--Ray Porter worked hard to secure his place researching in far southern waters. He’s ecstatic to be on board, and not worried about the infamous “Drake Shake”. His new lab mate is an enigma, with her pink hair and scowls. If only he could find some way to chase away her rainclouds. When a broken heating system leaves everyone shivering in the frigid chill of the Antarctic summer, will Ray find a way to heat things up with Candy, or will he remain out in the cold?